Turn your iOS device into a virtual
numeric keypad for your computer.


Extend your computer's keyboard without clogging your work area.
NumPad is there when you need it!


  • Super-easy setup.
  • Three themes: Silver, White and Dark.
  • Connect to Macs, Linux or Windows PCs and Raspberry Pi.
  • Connects through a WiFi or Ad Hoc connection.
  • Ideal for music annotation software like Finale and Sibelius.
  • Supports upside-down portrait orientation.

NumPad Features


  • WiFi connection shared with your computer.
  • Screen Sharing enabled on your Mac.
  • For Windows and Linux, a VNC Server is required.
  • Requires iOS 12 or later.
  • Compatible with Sibelius 6 or up.

NumPad Requirements


  • The perfect application!

    It's an awesome application and makes using Sibelius a breeze with my laptop. Support was brilliant and the instructions supplied very clear - just follow them precisely! Very clever!


  • Income Tax Made Easy!

    Every year at tax time I search for a numeric keypad for my MacBook to fill in the spreadsheets that I use to calculate expenses, etc. The only usb/bluetooth options are $60+ and have mixed reviews. I have used a full keyboard--bulky; Used the MacBook keyboard--slow. NumPad has solved the problem at a fraction of the cost with hardware I already have--my iPod! It is fast, works great and sure beats using the other options.


  • Just what I needed

    This app is amazing. It connects fast and it is very stable. I couldn't be happier with it. The Sibelius keys are fantastic. Thank you for this great app which is worth the price.


  • Excellent

    Couldn't work better! It uses built in services so you don't have to install additional programs. There is virtually no lag.


  • Perfect!

    Simple setup. A total of 10 seconds to install. No lag what so ever. Thanks for the great app! Now I don't have to add a keypad to my collection of peripherals.


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