Screens Connect for Mac and Windows


Screens Connect is a free utility that lets you connect back to your Mac or Windows PC from anywhere in the world.

Download Screens Connect 4 (macOS 10.11 or later)

Screens Connect for Windows (Windows XP or later)

Legacy Download Links

Please note that these versions are no longer maintained or supported:

Screens Connect 3.6 (macOS 10.9 or 10.10)

Screens Connect 3.2 (macOS 10.8)

Screens Connect 2.2 (macOS 10.6.8 or 10.7)


If you’ve got a question, the best place to start is by consulting the FAQ.

User Guide

Online and always up-to-date, the Screens Connect User Guide (Mac, Windows) is likely to have the answer you need.

In-App Support

If you encounter a bug or an issue during the configuration of Screens Connect, please send us a support request from the Support Request button when showed.

Note: It's best to send the request right after reproducing an issue as the request includes a diagnostics report.


You have a quick question about Screens Connect or you'd like to keep in touch? Follow @ScreensConnect on Twitter.

Email Support

If you’re still in need of some help, just drop us an email to and we’ll help you out.